ALLthread Suture Anchors

  • Fully threaded to achieve additional fixation in cortical bone, maximizing resistance to pull out and displacement1
  • Available in PEEK-Optima®, Titanium and LactoSorb L15
  • Loaded with MaxBraid Suture
  • Independent eyelets
  • Available with and without needles

The ALLthread family of anchors is not like your traditional anchor where the eyelet is located at the top the anchor. The ALLthread Anchor’s unique design protects the suture up through the tip of the anchors, allowing for continuous threads through the entire anchor to hold cortical bone maximizing resistance to pull out and displacement. This design allows the anchors to be inserted flush with the cortical bone surface providing superior fixation strength and stability reducing anchor pull-back. The internal driver design allows for high insertion torque.