CPT Stem

The collarless, polished, tapered design concept used in the CPT  Hip System has proven itself clinically in more than 25 years of use.1 This distinctive design philosophy is based on the use of natural compressive forces to help ensure that the implant is firmly seated and wedged within the cement mantle.
The CPT System, made from stainless steel, has achieved long-term clinical success since its introduction in the early 1990s. While retaining its original geometry below the osteotomy line, the CPT System has an expanded portfolio to offer more sizing and offset options.

Product Feature


Collarless, polished, double-taper

Use of natural compressive forces to firmly seat and wedge the implant within the cement mantle.

Made of Zimtron alloy

High strength stainless steel alloy which provide high fatigue strength

Reduced neck geometry

Provides enhanced range of motion and joint stability.

Highly polished surface

Designed to work in conjunction with the taper geometry to enhance stem stability

PMMA Distal Centralizer

Ensure central positioning and allow controlled subsidence

Lateral Shoulder

Improves Rotational Stability and Increases Taper Length Laterally to Ensures Optimal Positioning “ VARUS / VALGUS Orientation ”