CLS Spotorno Stem

Product Feature


3D Taper Stem

  1. Proximal load transfer
  2. Press-fit also in case of subsidence
  3. Excellent rotational and primary stability

Trapezoidal cross-section

Increase rotational stability

Made of Osteophilic titanium alloy
(Protasul®-100) and rough-blasted

stimulate osseointegration

HA Proximal Coat

Promote the osseointegration

Proximal Ribs

  1. Large contact area for osseointegration.
  2. Increased rotational and primary stability.
  3. Ribs with proximally sharpened edges for a better penetration into the bone.

Distally Slim Stem

  1. Proximal load transfer
  2. Edges well rounded to avoid stress
  3. peaks and thigh pain
  4. No cortical contact (No thigh pain)