ZCA Cemented Acetabulum

Product Feature


3mm rim (1.5mm on each side)

help pressurize cement.

Four 3mm PMMA spacers,

strategically positioned in loadbearing areas, help centralize the cup and create a uniform cement mantle.

The 10˚ inclined face option

can be positioned to help prevent dislocation.

The Snap-In Option

can help reduce the risk of dislocation with its reduced geometry above the equator of the femoral head.

Two holes in the cup face

accommodate the cup positioner during insertion.

Notched circumferential grooves

facilitate cement interdigitation.

Stainless steel radiopaque wires

on the pole and equator aid in assessing cup position on radiographs.

Longevity®Highly Crosslinked Polyethylene options

Very low wear and High aging and oxidation resistance .