Avantage Cementless

The HA coated stainless steel cup has 3 superior pelvic plates which can be contoured to fit the acetabular anatomy and achieve strong cortical bony purchase. The inferior opturator hook can also be bent. These extra fixation options are of interest when facing peripheral bone deficiencies or lack of superior support.

Sizes 44mm to 66mm



Dual Mobility Concept:

  • High range of motion
  • Low risk of dislocation
  • Low risk of PE wear
  • High long term stability

Proprietary Shell Design:

  • Superior Cap helps reduce risk of superior dislocation
  • Anatomic aperture helps reduce risk of impingement and increases ROM
  • Flattened pole helps increase peripheral load
  • Smooth superior-inferior transition helps reduce soft tissue irritation

E1 Antioxidant Infused Technology

  • Maximized strength6,7
  • Maximized wear resistance8
  • Prevention of oxidation7