Avantage Cemented

  • Cemented dual mobility cup
  • Indicated for primary, revision and fracture in the treatment of patients at risk of instability
  • Can also be combined with a reinforcement ring or a construct cage
  • Paprosky grade 1 to 2A

Dual Mobility Concept:

  • High range of motion
  • Low risk of dislocation
  • Low risk of PE wear
  • High long term stability

Proprietary Shell Design:

  • Superior Cap helps reduce risk of superior dislocation
  • Anatomic aperture helps reduce risk of impingement and increases ROM
  • Flattened pole helps increase peripheral load
  • Smooth superior-inferior transition helps reduce soft tissue irritation

E1 Antioxidant Infused Technology

  • Maximized strength6,7
  • Maximized wear resistance8
  • Prevention of oxidation7