M/DN Intramedullary Fixation

The M/DN System includes a femoral nail that serves both interlocking and reconstruction applications, a tibial nail, a humeral nail, and a retrograde femoral nail. Innovative targeting instruments help make implantation simple and accurate. M/DN Instrumentation is kept to an absolute minimum. The instruments are clearly labeled, easily accessible, and logically laid out to follow the order of the procedure. The cases are made of durable, autoclavable aluminum.

Tibial instrumentation allows for a minimized approach to the tibia, less disruption to the patellar tendon and easier insertion. This can potentially minimize tissue disruption by allowing you to insert the nail into the tibia while it is in extension.

New cannulated tibial and femoral awls allow for less soft tissue disruption, easier access to the starting point and a fluid, one step guide wire introduction.

The tibial nail captures fractures close to the joint space with oblique screws that do not compromise the tibial plateau posteriorly. Transverse holes provide an option to interlock in a conventional manner. A proximal dynamic slot allows compression. Screw holes are located distally to accommodate treatment of distal metaphyseal fractures of the tibia. The tip is beveled posteriorly to aid insertion and avoid contact with the posterior wall.