Cable Ready

Button Option

The Hex Button helps in managing complex trauma cases and provides intraoperative flexibility. Cable and implant securing options are multiplied as the Hex Button simply snaps into standard hex screws,sizes 2.5, 3.5, and 5.0mm.

Hex buttons are available in either stainless steel or titanium alloy.

Cable Grip Buttons

The Cable-Ready Cable Grip System Button implants are designed to be used in conjunction with Zimmer® NCB® Polyaxial Locking and Zimmer® Periarticular Locking Plates.

Multi-strand GTR Cable

The system features multi-strand cable, which offers greater static tensile strength and increased fatigue life when compared to mono-filament wire. 

This, combined with other properties, allows a reduction in the diameter without sacrificing strength. The 8mm diameter makes the cable more pliable, which allows for a lower profile fit around the bone.

Simplified Instrumentation

• Ergonomic instrumentation is efficient, simple to use and minimally intrusive.
• The new cable tensioner is lightweight and features a single-hand design.
•Squeeze grip movement of the handles provides a tactile feel of the tensioned cable, while the external cable allows for a view of the tension.
• The new tension retaining device design is longer and has a curved shape to enhance flexibility in accessing the fracture.