Herbert Whipple Bone Screw System

The Herbert/Whipple Bone Screw has been developed in response to the demand for a cannulated screw similar in dimension to the standard Herbert Bone Screw, which has already proven itself invaluable for providing rigid fixation of small bone fragments. (Refer to the Suggested Readings on page 54.)
The Herbert/Whipple Cannulated Bone Screw System allows for accurate placement of the screw when inserted by the free-hand method, (i.e., without use of the Alignment Guide) and is particularly suited to arthroscopic surgery. At the same time, recognizing the advantages of an external guide control system in maintaining 
accurate reduction and controlling alignment,

Dr. Whipple designed an Alignment Guide for the Herbert/Whipple Screw. This instrument offers several advantages over the conventional Huene Alignment Guide for scaphoid fractures, and can be applied under arthroscopic visualization for fixation of minimally displaced fractures. The Herbert/Whipple System is offered as an alternative for those surgeons who prefer to use a cannulated screw in conjunction with an external alignment guide system, or who are interested in primary internal fixation for certain acute fractures using minimally invasive techniques.
The two systems should be seen as complementary to each other, thus providing total flexibility for the surgeon.