ODEP rating confirm Zimmer Biomet leadership in knees

ODEP rating confirm Zimmer Biomet leadership in knees

Re-confirming Leadership in Knees
Latest ODEP Ratings


A review of the most recently published ODEP ratings re-confirms the leadership position of Zimmer Biomet knees, and demonstrates:

  • Our position as THE Partial Knee Company
  • The early success of recent innovations: Persona Primary
  • The highest quality of our established knee brands: Nexgen and Vanguard

In this last publication, the ratings for nine variants of Zimmer Biomet Knees were updated, demonstrating our ongoing commitment to deliver proven, safe, long-lasting products (More details in Table 1 in the annexes of the article)

HE Partial Knee Company


Zimmer Biomet is the only company to offer a 13A ODEP rated PKR, and can provide more 10A rated variants than any other manufacturer. These ratings are for the market-leading Oxford PKR.




Data from www.odep.org.uk on February 8th, 2019. (More details in Table 2 in annexes of the article)


Persona Primary: Success of Recent Innovation


ODEP provides some strong early evidence for Persona, with several 3A and 3A* ratings being awarded to the Persona CR and PS variants. If Persona continues to track as it is, todays 3A* rating could soon be a 5A or 5A* rating (possibly by September 2019).


  • Nexgen and Vanguard: The highest quality of our established knee brands:

The superior number of 10A/10A* (17) and 13A/13A* (22) ratings really demonstrates the excellent long-term performance of our NexGen and Vanguard Knee Brands.

In this edition of Feb 2019, Zimmer Biomet is still the only company with 13A* ratings for both CR and PS variants. All other companies with 13A* ratings have only CR variants.

(More details in Table 4 in annexes of the article)


What to conclude from our ODEP rating


Zimmer Biomet have more “Benchmark” 13A/13A* and 10A/10A* rated knee implants on the market than any other manufacturer.   We can be confident that these Zimmer Biomet knee products are performing to the highest standard expected by ODEP. Crucially, our newer brands like Persona are performing well for the short time they have been on the market, and are on track to continue through the higher number A and A* ratings from ODEP.


Latest ODEP ratings can be found at www.odep.org.uk